What is Functional Training?
You’ve probably seen this word a lot. It gets used by many a gym/coach. A lot of people say they specialise in it. But if you were to ask the question “what is functional training” would you get the right answer. So considering we have just been voted into the national fitness awards finals for
What is Leucine?
Leucine is a naturally occurring amino acid which forms part of a chain to produce protein molecules. It can be found in almost all of your protein containing food sources, from eggsto spirulina and of course supplements such as Whey Protein powder and Branch chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), as well as being available in single
Something new
Welcome to the new No Limits website. Sometimes change is good, so with that in mind we’ve had a bit of a change ourselves, hopefully it might even inspire you the reader to change your lifestyle and come and get involved here with us. We’ve decided to make our site a lot more interactive, and
Train like a man to look like a woman
In my time as a pt I’ve trained many a woman, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the best method for losing body fat. Some believe in crash diets, others in long distance cardio for hours a week. Don’t get me wrong you MIGHT lose some weight trying these methods, but would

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There are no armchair experts in our gym. We have all at one point during our lives, practiced what we preach. With members of the team all having backgrounds in team or combative sports. We believe that every client or member who enters our gym should reach their goals via educated effort.

Emphasis is placed on making sure you learn about your training programme or the nutrition plan that we provide you with. These are important pieces of information which you can take away with you in life.

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