Firmly established as the leading strength and conditioning gym, No Limits Gym is based in Liverpool City Centre.

There are no armchair experts in our gym! We have all at one point during our lives, practiced what we preach. With members of the team all having backgrounds in team/combative sports. We believe that every client/member who enters our gym should reach their goals via educated effort. Emphasis is placed on making sure you learn about your training programme or the nutrition plan that we provide you with. These are important pieces of information which you can take away with you in life. You won’t find any home comforts at No Limits. What you will find is like minded hard working people all aiming to improve at whatever is thrown in front of them. We believe in functional training, developing and adapting exercises to suit peoples movement in everyday life and live injury free. Whether your a mum wanting more energy to play with their kids or a professional athlete who needs to excel in their given sport, we cover it all.

“If your serious about getting in shape then look no further”

– Lee Butler –

“I wouldn’t of won my first World Title without the team at No Limits”

– Paul Butler –

“My performances on the pitch were improving due to the sports specific routines”

– Lee Peltier –

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